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"Fatima" Movie Night was a great inspirational and fundraising success!

The Neocatechumal Way youth of Toronto recently held a successful Movie Night fundraiser at St. Clare's Catholic Church featuring the film "Fatima." The event was well-attended and raised funds for the group's World Youth Day travel and expense costs.

The Neocatechumal Way is a Catholic movement that focuses on evangelization and renewal of one's baptism. Its youth is comprised of young people, who are part of communities born out of the parishes. Many of the youth are passionate about recovering the true, authentic and effective Christian values and spreading the Gospel.

The Movie Night was organized by a team of dedicated volunteers who worked hard to promote the event and secure donations, sell Christmas baskets, Rosaries, 2023 calendars and the usual movie items at the concession stand.

The evening began early at 5PM wher