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Youth worked on beautiful Virgin Mary Thanksgiving and Christmas artisan candles

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Youth of The Way diligently working on crafting beautiful candle set. Wrapping it up and preparing the final touches.

Candles sitting on top or pine tree slab adorned with pine cones, dried leaves and more

Handy, crafty and loving hands in communion with a strong sense of comradery put this work of art together.

On Sunday, October 2nd, some 20 or so youth of The Way, got together to work on carefully crafting this unique candle set. They delivered on a preorder of some 50 items purchased by the Brothers and Sister of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Much of the material you can see was gathered from your typical wooded areas in the GTA by some of the youth members. Candles were ornate with a silhouette design of our Blessed Mother, placed on one side of each candles. The crafters meticulously, dried, glued, designed the different organic materials to give its stunning appeal. Each set had a preorder value of $20 a piece with all proceeds to be used, of course, for their future trip travel and expenses.


The delicate work began at around 3PM on Sunday and it ended at around 6PM. The youth had so much fun putting these together and they were even competitive as who can create the best design. Lots of fun and laughter to be had and a strong sense of comradery and communion was present. They look forward to more workshops like this throughout the next 10 months leading up to their pilgrimage.

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