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Not Just Cookies and Baked Pies

St. Bernard and St. Jude youth came together to deliver big on their promise of delivering large during their bake sale. It was a smash hit with the brothers and sisters of both communities as well as other community brothers that dropped by. Where all truly enjoyed a delicatessen display of sweets acquired or prepared by the youth and their parents. The smorgasbord of baked muffins, cookies, pastries, cakes, pastelitos, empanadas, pizza, and many other types of baked sweets satisfied everyone's unique and sweet palette cravings.

Beyond the fabulous array of goodies that were on display and being expeditiously sold, I can suggest that, what was blatantly obvious was the eagerness each youth had in coming together, organizing, working hard and brazenly entering in their journey towards Lisbon, Portugal. I think that each recognizing that their sales effort translated into one step closer to next year encounter.

Without a doubt the addictive baked sweets made for an easier sales pitch and sales closure, meaning that the group did not have to work too hard to convince the brothers to purchase or donate . The baked goodies and visual presentation was just the necessary hook to grab the attention of those present. Suffice to say, I think that we can go by the old cliché that the bake sale was something to die for.

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