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Marian Apparitions

This page is dedicated to the many Marian apparitions and it's intended to propagate the consistent messages our Lady has given to all the seers about the need of humans to pray incessantly, to pray the Rosary daily, to be obedient to the church and our parents, for conversion, for contemplation of  her beloved Son in the Blessed Sacrament and much more.


Today, many in our secular society do not believe in God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Angels, Saints, Mary and Joseph (The Holy Family). However, our Mother is doing everything in her power to intercede for all and for our salvation. She tells us that, "in the end her Immaculate Heart will Triumph. And thus, in her many appearances and incredible miracles and evidence behind each apparition, they have left their mark to convince the unbelievers that our Lord Jesus Christ exists and that She is the Mother of God. That she and her Son once lived amongst man preaching the good news. Our Lord was cruxified, died and was buried and he has resurrected and is the God of the living, especially those who listen to his calling and are in communions to share in his eternal glory in heaven.


So, below, we share images, excerpts, links to other website that will give you insight to the many apparitions of our Heavenly Mother throughout the centuries and across the world.   

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